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The concept of terroir encompasses a set of typical local environmental factors that are characteristics of a particular territory, combined with the cultivation practices regionally adopted. These elements are able to proactively act upon the vine and grape development, imparting unique characteristics to the wines. In this context the territory of Bleggio and Stenico expresses its maximum potential in the production of base grapes for classic method sparkling wines.

The environmental elements interact symbiotically with the cultivation practices adopted by the company and typify the sparkling wines produced, widening the bouquet of aromas and sensations making them typical, unique and unsurpassable.


The Outer Giudicarie is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the western area of Trentino located between the Brenta Dolomites and Lake Garda. They can be characteristically identified as a real "Middle Earth". The valley is divided into three different locations, Banale, Lomaso and Bleggio, while the Terme di Comano is an important international center for skin care and lies within the valley floor.

The entire valley boasts a healthy and uncontaminated environment due to the total absence of polluting factories and the long held practice of diversified and sustainable agriculture, capable of keeping local flora and fauna intact. The vineyards are located exclusively in these areas in order to accentuate the qualitative effects due to the characteristics of the Terroir. They are rare and precious earths that guarantee the production of the best sparkling wine-based grapes.

In other remaining agricultural areas conditions vary slightly and are very suitable for many other crops are grown such as apples, cherries, small fruits, potatoes, vegetables and medicinal herbs, as well as fodder for farms. Many of these produces are processed directly by the manufacturing companies. The area is characterized by its particular mountain climate and influenced by the actions of Lake Garda to the south and produces conditions suitable for obtaining premium quality products.

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